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Rotorua International Airport - "..always maintained a good positive “can do” attitude, displayed excellent innovative design and fantastic leadership which enabled the project to be completed on time and with in budget...."

George White, Chief Executive
Rotorua International Airport

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We produce tanks of excellent quality.

Plastic Systems Ltd Rotorua has been in business for 9 years and have a collective industry experience of over 45 years. We take pride of being able to offer a quality product, commitment to service and the ability to diversify to meet our customer’s requirements. Our products are strong, easy to handle and available to our customers direct from the factory at very competitive prices.

Durable Kiwi Tanks

  • We can customize our tanks to meet customers needs
  • We use only first quality, high density, polyethylene resins
  • Lightweight tanks make them easily and affordably transported
  • We use UV stabilizers to increase the useful life of the tanks




Kiwi Tanks have a wide range of domestic and commercial uses - water tanks, colostrum tanks, molasses tanks, diesel tanks, spray tanks and grey water tanks. Our premium Kiwi Tanks are built strong from the highest quality food grade, UV stabilized polyethylene and are manufactured using the Roto-Moulding Process to ensure a long lasting, druable tank. Our green water storage tanks reduce algae growth and blends in with the environment, however we'd be happy to tailor a colour to your requirements.

Custom Products

Bait boards, consoles, rubbish bins, safety cones

Rotational moulding is a highly versatile manufacturing process that offers many advantages over other moulding processes. Plastic Systems Ltd can work with you to produce a high quality, cost effective product to meet your requirements.

Why use rotational moulding?

  • Parts that are usually assembled from several pieces can be moulded as one resulting in less stress points and a stronger product.
  • Materials can be tailored to suit food safety, heavy metal free, environmental or other technical requirements.
  • More affordable lightweight materials replace costly heavier materials
  • We use UV stabilizers to increase the useful life of the tanks
  • Cost effective for small and large parts